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We Buy Extraordinary Businesses

Partnering with owners to give them FAST, Simple, Straight forward exits that preserve the legacy they have built in the team/culture while keeping their businesses operating long into the future.

Selling your company can be ROUGH!

At Flat Tire Finance, we understand the struggles and frustrations of trying to sell a business. The process can be long and tedious, with months of negotiations leading to legal fees and no deal. Even if you're lucky enough to close a deal, the new owners may not have the same passion and drive as you, ultimately leading to the downfall of the business you've worked so hard to build.


That's why we started FTF - to provide a solution for business owners who want to sell their business with fairness, speed, and a focus on the needs of the founder.


Our team works to ensure that the sale process is as seamless and stress-free as possible, while also ensuring that the legacy of your business is preserved and continues to thrive under new ownership. We are dedicated to providing fair, fast, and founder-friendly deals that benefit all parties involved.


Join us at Flat Tire Finance and let us guide you through the process of selling your business with confidence and peace of mind.

We focus owner operated and family-owned businesses. 

Venture Capital

  • Large valuations
  • 3–6 month process
  • Founders committed to 5+ years
  • Terms could make your equity worth pennies
  • Pressure to provide 10–100X returns
  • No cash to founders, just money to grow

Private Equity

  • Full or partial cash out

  • 3–6 month process

  • Founders locked in with earnout structure

  • Terms could make your equity worthless

  • Intervene and change your culture

  • Typically flip your company in 3–5 years

Flat Tire Finance!

  • Flexible Terms

  • Fast Close
  • Deal size ranging from $1M-$30M
  • 45-day process
  • Founders can stay or go, we're flexible
  • Simple structure with cash upfront
  • Operate as-is with no workforce change
  • Holds companies for the longterm
We asked ourselves why other buyers dragged out deals for months and renegotiated over and over again.
It was horrible.

Our process is Fast,
Friendly & Simple!

Respond in

72 Hrs

Make an Offer 

14 Days

Due Dilligence

30 Days

Close the Deal

45 Days

Easy diligence process focused on what matters

No handcuffs on equity — founders can stay or go

Straightforward payments

No in-person meetings needed

What we look for

A simple business model

You can explain it to your family

Successful operations

Of 5 years or longer

Quality Management Structure

A great team with a positive culture

A unique advantage

Like a Brand, Process, Community or Niche

Healthy Profit

From $500K to $5M Cash Flow

High margins

Healthy and sustainable

A positive and ethical approach

No sketchy stuff

Here's how we do it:


We are good stewards with founders’ equity and our investors’ capital

Speak plainly


Don't waste people's time. We speak plainly: no BS, buzzwords, or stupid finance terms.

Protect culture


Don't mess with the culture that makes each company unique.

Leave people alone


We buy great companies, hire great leaders, and leave them to do their thing.

Make founders proud


Founders entrust us with their companies. We do our best to follow through on their vision.

Avoid synergy


We leave our businesses to operate independently and avoid synergy at all costs.

No assholes


Life is too short for brilliant jerks, assholes, suck ups, psychopaths, narcissists, and all that stuff...



First our partners must win before we win

We're Builders Too


Focused value creation and growth strategy


We move with a sense of urgency.

Know someone we should talk to?

Scout a deal for us and we'll make it worth your while! We pay finders fees of $25,000 or MORE 

All you have to do is intro us.

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